Chicco Perfect 5 Baby Bottle 150ml Slow Flow

$15.50 AUD
$12.50 AUD

Why is it so innovative?

PERFECT 5 is the only bottle with the innovative intui-flow™ system: the exclusive combined action of the Physio teat and the Equilibrium Membrane, which promotes a physiological and intuitive breastfeeding, naturally supports the rhythm and intensity of sucking of each child, which are unique and variable.

The Equilibrium Membrane

The Equilibrium Membrane at the base of the bottle allows air to enter the bottle, without mixing with the milk, avoiding any vacuum for regular feeding, without interruptions.

It is a flexible and dynamic anti-colic valve that provides a personalised response to different sucking intensities thanks to its micro-movements, constantly adapting the amount of air entering the bottle according to the baby's sucking intensity.

The Physio Teat
  • Accepted by 98% of children.
  • The pre-shaped, symmetrical, flat and elongated silicone shape favours the attachment and peristaltic movement of the tongue.
  • Soft silicone with Soft Sense finish for a pleasant natural feel.
  • 4 different flows available (slow, medium, fast and baby food) to follow the child's development.
The Perfect 5 Bottle:
    1. Proven Anti-colic Effect Confirmed by 96% of Mothers - The rear-ventilated Equilibrium Membrane system and Physio teat help prevent air ingestion, thereby reducing irritability, regurgitation and colic according to 96% of mothers.
    2. Clinically Tested Physiological Suction Rhythm - It supports the natural and individual rhythm of sucking, allowing for peaceful and constant breastfeeding.
    3. Perfect Attack - The teat fits perfectly to the baby’s mouth and respects the natural sucking movement. It is accepted by 9 out of 10 children. Acceptance rate of 98% in the target age 0-2 months.
    4. Soft Sense silicone - The elastic and soft teat with Soft Sense finish ensures the baby a pleasant and natural feeling.
    5. Maximum Hygiene and Simple Cleaning - The special unscrew-able base allows quick and effective cleaning of the bottle in all its parts.

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